Upcoming Events

Tentative Schedule for Next Week

We have had a great first week!  We are well on our way to performing our whole opener at our first game next week.  Here is a tentaive schedule of next week:

Monday: Afternoon Rehearsal 4:30pm to 7:00pm at the band room.

Tuesday through Friday: Early Morning Rehearsal 7:15am at the band room.

Friday: Football Game at Bishop Kelly, Call Time:4:30pm at the Band Room. Dinner at 4:00pm.

Edison Spring Trip 2017

We have officially announced to the High Schoolers that we will be taking a spring trip to Atlanta to compete at contest with concert band and jazz band.  Students should be bringing home a Trip Contract to be filled out, signed and returned by August 19th, 2017 with a $50.00 Trip Deposit. If a trip form does not make its way home to you, please print it here and return it to school.  If you have any questions, or need to discuss financial issues, please contact Mr. Burnes by e-mail: burnele@tulsaschools.org.  Trip Costs and Payment Plans can be found in the Trip Contract.  Online Payments coming soon!

Edison Trip Contract 2016

Please note that the trip contract lists due dates in June and July.  While those dates are passed, they can still be made up, or rolled in to other later payments.  We need 100% Participation if we are going to make this trip happen.