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TPS Metro Honor Band Auditions Results

We are extremely proud of our Edison Musicians who tried out for the TPS Metro Honor Band.  Rehearsal and Concert will be held at Rogers High School.  Dates are as follows:

Rehearsal 1: Feb. 8th from 5:30pm to 8:30pm

Rehearsal 2: Feb. 15th from 5:30pm to 8:30pm

Rehearsal 3: Feb. 16th from 9:00am to 3:30pm

Concert: Feb. 16th @ 7:00pm

Below are the results for Edison only, starting with the Middle School:

Middle School

Flutes: Kylie Chang – 8th Chair; Tiare Barahona – 9th Chair; Lilah Jacobs – 11th Chair;

Oboe: Leah Rath – 1st Chair

Clarinets: Tanner Newman – 15th Chair

Alto Saxes: Zaltana Keener – 6th Chair

Trumpets: Morgan Ortiz – 5th Chair; Caden Crocker – 9th Chair; Mario Merenda – 9th Chair;

French Horn: Spencer Swearingen – 6th Chair

Trombones: Juliette Willis Cuauhtle – 1st Chair; Ethan Wilson – 5th Chair; Aiden Chavez – 8th Chair;

Baritones: Emily Grooms – 3rd Chair

Tubas: Michael Katba – 3rd Chair

Percussion: Jeremiah Hocker – 1st Chair; Owen Eckhardt – 5th Chair; Noah Carney – 7th Chair

High School

Flutes: Julisa Rosales – 3rd Chair; Diana Garcia – 5th Chair; Annabelle Harris – 6th Chair; Christine Travnicek – 7th Chair;

Oboe: Fairlyn Decker – 1st Chair;

Clarinets: Leyla Chavez – 2nd Chair; Iliana Haro – 5th Chair; Jaci Ridings – 7th Chair; Ian Bates – 11th Chair;

Bass Clarinet: Madi Hutchings – 2nd Chair

Alto Sax: Oakley Newton – 1st Chair; Allison Page – 3rd Chair

Tenor Sax: Kai Crouch – 1st Chair

Trumpets: Austin Oden – 1st Chair; Caden Meador – 2nd Chair; Robert Malin – 3rd Chair; Shaughnessy Hoefer – 4th Chair; Atom Ward – 5th Chair; Harley Harris – 6th Chair; Kevin Thomas – 7th Chair;

TubaEmma Sutton – 3rd Chair

Percussion: Joe Robb – 3rd Chair; John Biederman – 5th Chair; Cayden One Bear – 6th Chair.